Endocrine Disorders.

This page will show cases of dogs with endorcrine disorders (hypothyroid, cushings, etc.) and how feeding whole food nutrition helped.


Lilly, a Golden Retriever, with Cushings Disease, a torn tendon, and cancer. 

Lilly is a Golden Retriever, approximately 10 years old at the beginning of her troubles, who was brought home from the breeders at about 8 weeks of age. Lilly was a sweet dog that loved having family around, but not too close. She was not a snuggler but loved being close enough to touch you with one paw. She always had the patience of a saint and had never shown aggression outside of natural play with other dogs. Even in those cases it was always just play and she preferred to avoid conflict.


Lilly had always been fed dry dog food, and was vaccinated and dewormed regularly.


In the late summer of 2017 after getting her “summer cut” at the groomer’s, her owners noticed that her hair was not growing back near her shoulders and the top of her hips near the base of her tail. Lilly’s parents were concerned, but nothing was diagnosed at this time.


In January 2018, Lilly injured herself and it was determined that she had torn her CCL.  At this time, veterinarian recommended surgery, but based on labwork, it was determined that she likely had Cushings Disease, making her high risk for surgery. Because of this, Lilly did not have surgery and her owners began looking for the best ways to support Lilly and help her heal.


Lilly began on Answers in January 2018.  Her diet consisted of 8 oz detailed formula, 16 oz goat milk and 8 oz fish stock. She was on Carpofren and Tramadol for 14 days when she first injured her leg in January. Her CCL healed quickly and strongly within just 6 weeks of being on Answers, and she was back to her normal activity level.  After about 6 months on Answers, the hair on her back and hips began to regrow.


In May 2019, Lilly was diagnosed with soft tissue Cancer on her leg. Lilly received no medical treatments for her cancer and lived comfortably for nine months after diagnosis.


In January 2020, her cancer tumor had grown and started bleeding.  At this time, Lilly’s owners made the difficult decision to say goodbye to Lilly. 


From Lilly’s mom: We got at least an extra year plus with her than we expected; especially after her cancer diagnosis last May. (She just had one thing after another! Injury, Cushings, cancer) I’m convinced a large part of it was due to Answers. Thank you!

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