Blood Test Results from Dogs Fed Answers Raw

On this page, we will show you photos of dogs who are being fed Answers Raw Pet Food, and we will share their blood test results after they have been eating Answers Raw for at least six months or longer.  See Jewels and Gideon below for two puppies--who are now adults-- who were raised on raw.


Here are several examples of Callie's lab work after being on Answers Raw. Callie is loved by Ashok, who found Callie on Petfinder, after losing his beloved dog Ramji in December of 2011 to osteosarcoma. Callie was living essentially as a feral dog on a reservation before she was taken into rescue. I love the following which Ashok shared with me: "I missed Suhani dearly, but I felt that the best way to honor her memory was to get right back in the hunt. I got my Calista (aka Callie) on Christmas Day 2011. I resolved to do whatever it takes to keep cancer at bay.  Read.  Study.  Commit myself to constant learning." Ashok tried a few other diets with Callie prior to finding Answers. Callie has been on Answers since March 2014. Callie eats Answers Detailed Turkey / Pork / Chicken rotated daily for her first meal of the day and for her dinner, she eats Detailed Beef with Additional Answers Raw Goat's Milk or Answers Raw Cow's Milk Kefir, (rotated daily between the two). 

July 2016 Update: Calli did not care for the kefir, so that has been eliminated.  Lab work is now posted after she has been on Answers Raw for 2.5 years with the addition of Answers Fish Stock.


Jewels has been on Answers Raw since arriving home at 12 weeks of age.  In the winter of 2016, Jewels developed pruritis. External parasites were ruled out and atopy became the most likely rule out. Atopy has a strong genetic component. Jewels labs for June 2016 are after being raw fed for four years and after dealing with pruritis. Her chemistry panel was perfect, the CBC showed a very mild, almost unapparent, stress luekogram which was not unexpected. Any time a dog is dealing with a chronic issue, there will likely be a stress leukogram. Jewels overall is doing very well on raw. Her owner is planning on trying a raw fermented milk cleansing diet with Jewels soon to try to help her allergies, and is excited about this as she hates seeing Jewels itchy.


Gideon was born May 5, 2015 and was started on Answers Detailed with Answers Goat Milk or Kefir and Answers Fermented Fish Stock at 5 months of age when he came to his new home. Gideon loves to play and has a mischievous sense of humor.

On the button below is  the link for the results of Gideon's labs at 13 months of age (whole blood for CBC, serum for chemistry panel and a urinalysis). Please note for the non-veterinarian reader: the slight increase in two liver enzymes is considered non-specific and likely due to hemolysis of the sample (which can happen at the time of blood collection. Liver enzymes changes are not considered significant until they are at least 2x normal values).


Pippin, now an 15  year old neutered male papillon, has been on raw since May 2011.  Pippin was started on raw because he was severely chewing his feet.  He has done very well on raw and no longer chews his feet.


This is Luke, a  male neutered Sheltie who has been on raw since May of 2011. Luke has done great on raw. Luke is a very active competition dog. Earlier in life, Luke had a bout of Lyme disease. Luke has not been clinical with Lyme issues for years. Luke turned 10 years old in early 2017.


This is Jack, a male neutered rescue Collie on raw. Attached is his lab work after one year on raw. Jack was severely emaciated when he was adopted from Collie rescue and was brought back to health eating raw.
The spark returned to his eyes and the shine returned to his coat. Start an emaciated dog on food with multiple smaller meals throughout the day. Using live probiotics to rebuild the dog's gut flora is critical.

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