Dermatological Issues.

Dogs with skin disease are miserable... is there an answer we can turn to that will help them? This page will provide examples of dogs that dermatological issues and how they were helped using whole food nutrition.


A rescued dog with skin issues early in the course of her new diet.

Sadie is an approximately 7 year old spayed Catahoola Mix. She first came to Angels Among Us PET rescue in September 2014. As described by her personal Angel, Nancy, Sadie had been severely neglected and was in “deplorable condition.” Sadie had been on a poor quality kibble and lived outside. She was not given veterinary care. Sadie’s personality was sweet and loving but also very protective of her home and her people.  

Sadie was suffering from alopecia, with an odiferous, greasy hair coat, and crusty ears. Her eyes were watery and crusty filled with mucous. At 80 pounds, she was overweight (with her ideal weight being 65 pounds). Her body condition score was assessed as a 9 out of a ten-point scale. Sadie had poor muscle tone and her right front leg had suffered from severe trauma at an early age but was not treated at the time, so the added weight even more detrimental to her well-being.

“Angels Among Us” took her to a veterinarian who diagnosed hypothyroidism, a generalized skin infection, bi-lateral eye infection and confirmed the right front leg had an old injury. The veterinarian prescribed thyroid replacement medication, Cephalexin capsules 500mg, Flurbinprofen Drops,  and Vetropolycin. However, her foster mom took her off all medications except the thyroid during the milk fast.

Sadie was started on an Answers Raw Goat’s Milk cleansing diet for thirty days and was bathed weekly with Neem soap and a coconut oil rinse. Within 30 days she was able to lose the excess weight and was 68.9 pounds, her skin and eyes were healed and cured of infection and her coat was growing back. Sadie’s personality also changed. She became less lethargic and instead of sleeping all of the time, she began to play and showed interest in her surroundings. After 30 days of the milk fast, Answers Detailed was added in.

Sadie was then adopted in December 2014. Seven months later, a period during which she was not being given her thyroid medication and was fed a low end kibble, Sadie returned to “Angels”. When her Angel Nancy went to pick her up, her thyroid levels were high, she was back to 80 lbs, she smelled horrible, her coat was greasy and her fur was coming out in clumps. Nancy’s family complained about the stench. Sadie was then started on a raw Answers Raw Goat’s Milk fast with Answers Fermented Fish Stock for three months. In just a week her coat improved dramatically, the odor and greasy feel was gone, and she began losing weight. It was apparent to Nancy that it was not just the thyroid replacement that made the change in Sadie, but the raw diet.

Three months later she weighed 67 pounds, her coat was beautiful and she was back to running around playing. She also gained back some of the lost muscle tone. Sadie does need to stay on thyroid replacement medication.  
Sadie is now on Answers Detailed formula, goat’s milk and fish stock. Due to behavior related issues (mostly fear of strangers coming to her home) she was considered unadoptable and the rescue was considering having her euthanized. Nancy adopted her and is committed to giving her the best care possible.  She is thriving on Answers but her thyroid does require replacement medication. 

Cha Cha.

A chihuahua mix with generalized demodex and elevated liver enzymes.

Cha Cha, a young Chi mix, had generalized demodex since she was about 8 weeks old.  Multiple treatments with ivermectin resulted in elevated liver enzymes. An Answers Raw Goat's Milk cleansing diet helped this young dog return to health.  


A bulldog with severe allergies tries a raw fermented Goats' milk cleansing diet


​More to come. 


Caleb is a German Shepherd/Wolf/Chow mix who suffers from extreme anxiety that leads to self-mutilation. 

He was diagnosed and treated for Parvo in February 2012, and his anxiety began later that year.  He did not like being contained and would always find a way out of whatever method of restraint was being used - chewing through leashes, destroying wire cages, tearing up walls, floors, and cabinets. His self-mutilation started when his family began to leave him outside when they had to leave the home (they felt he could not stay inside because of his destructive behavior).  They would come home to find him with bloody ears, legs, and tail.  It escalated to this point within the first year.  


The family could not afford extensive vet care so they began to utilize an Elizabethan collar (cone) but he could still reach his back legs and tail, and over time learned how to get his foot inside the cone to scratch his head bloody.  The family tried a no-bite collar, a muzzle, and a Thundershirt, all with the same painful results. They found minor results utilizing the cone and no-bite collar together, but he still had to be watched 24/7 or he could chew himself bloody in seconds.  He was given Benadryl and Zyrtec with no results. 


His diet consisted of 4Health Dry Dog Food and was taking an OTC medication for stress.  His diet was modified to avoid corn, wheat, soy and chicken, but the behaviors continued.  He became so stressed out by visitors that his family has even had to ask company to leave.


Caleb’s owners reached out to Answers Pet Food in May 2017.  An allery test was completed through Hemopet to determine if his issues were related to his diet.  He began a fast on June 19, 2017 consisting of Answers Fermented Raw Goat’s Milk, Raw Cow Kefir, and Fermented Fish Stock.  He was taken off all other foods and supplements, and was placed on Prednisone for 20 days and Damp Heat Derma Relief 2200mg at this time.  Shortly after beginning the fast, the family experienced a flea infestation.  Caleb was bathed in Answers Fermented Raw Goat’s Milk twice/week while they worked to get the house under control.  By late July, they had beaten the infestation and noticed Caleb beginning to change for the good.


In August 2017, they could have company come over and not have to send them away due to Caleb’s anxiety.  By September 2017, Caleb was still wearing both the cone and no-bite collar only at night – this allows everyone to rest easier.  During the day, he still wears the cone because he will rub his cheeks, but the cone can be removed while he eats (previously, if the cone came off, he chewed within seconds).  He still struggles when he is over-stimulated by company, a knock at the door, loud noises outside, etc., and scratches the back of his front legs or rub his cheeks, but it is not as extreme and he calms down more quickly.  He has become more affectionate with his owners. 

02/21/2018 Update: Caleb’s owner, Joshua says:  “The hair on his tail has begun to grow back after years of being bald from chewing.  He now has a few toys and can play outside for a few minutes at a time.  He is MUCH happier now.”

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